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Epic dystopian eco-fantasy adventure


Drue Beltane

Will-C (the three legged black cat)


When Drue Beltane’s beloved cat, Will-C, goes missing, she’s unaware that his disappearence marks the start of the greatest global conflict the world has ever known. The animal kingdom has declared war on mankind, and now domesticated creatures must choose which side to fight for: Man or Beast. Cast into a world full of danger, but determined to rescue her feline friend, Drue embarks on a quest and makes an astonishing discovery: a mysterious ancient tribe of shape-shifters called the Nsray, who have lived in the shadows since the dawn of time, are set to define the future, and Drue’s destiny will carry her from a sleepy village in the south of England, to the darkest heart of the Amazon rainforest, to unlock a secret that will change the face of life on Earth forever.


★★★★ Amazon ★★★★ GoodReads ★★★★Books for Keeps '... THOUGHT PROVOKING. Original. Imaginative. VIBRANT STORYTELLING, Eden has painted a picture of what may lie ahead that should serve as a warning. The Savage Kingdom is a book FOR ALL AGES, written by someone who cares deeply about nature and its creatures. Virginia Mckenna OBE, The Born Free Foundation"